Monday, February 1, 2016

My name is Lindsey. I started art classes in 2012. at the first class I drew a flower, the way I always drawn it, and then I drew it following Soo's steps. It was after that first class that I know I wanted to keep going. Now I can't wait for class every week. I have learned so much, like colour,shadows,textures, shape.... I am just happier when I am doing art. I also like photography and am always thinking of ways to combine the two. Art would definitely be something I would like to do for a living and it wouldn't even be like work !! Beautiful paintings done by Lindsey, Gr.8

My name is Claire. I am 12 yaers old and have been taking art clases with Soo for 4 years. I have used watercolours, acrylic, oil pastels,chalk pastels and markers.My favourite medium is acrylic paint.I have learned to notice the shapes of petals and other things,where the light in the picture is coming from and what colours to use. Beautiful paintings done by Claire, Gr.7.

Art can boost your child’s confidence. Children need to have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Part of confidence means taking pride in their accomplishments. One of the greatest attributes of the art I teach is that every attempt is “right”; there is no wrong way when children put forth their best effort and enjoy the process. My art classes are designed to guide children through the steps of an art procedure so they can learn to do it on their own. Often, children surprise themselves with what they can accomplish in my classes! Bursting with pride, they can’t wait to show their parents what they can do. This usually encourages children to continue to create on their own after classes are over. The more they practice, the more they improve, and once they start to see results, this will help push their confidence to healthy new levels, all because of art! Pictures from art classes. Register now at:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up." -Pablo Picasso Children need art. The freedom of expression and creativity required to produce a work of art stimulate many areas of a child's brain. But art is more than just practicing fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A child who produces art is adding beauty to the world, seen through his own eyes. Children who are encouraged to draw, paint, sculpt, construct from an early age will continue to bring imagination, creativity, and joy to themselves and others as they grow. Pictures from art classes ( done by age 5-14 years old) Register now at: